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Coconut palm

sal▓t pans and many fine harbors along the coast, and good fishing grounds off the shore. Pearls, coral and ha▓wksbill, turtles of commercial value are found in the coastal waters. Blac▓k gibbons, civets and peacocks live in the primeval f▓orests whi

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ch abound with valuable timber trees▓.The Lis had no written script. Their spoken language belongs to the Chinese-Tibetan language f▓a

mily. But many of them now speak the Chine

se language. A new romanized script was created for th▓e Li ethnic

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e horns, the traditional sport game was held on the 7th day of Tibe?/p>

s▓ reap three crops

坱an New Year in Tohlung Dechen village▓. Each village sent 10 players

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29May, 2012

to hav▓e three rounds of competitions. Every player will have thr▓ee times to hit the horns in each round. This game is to celebrate the

21May, 2012

New Year and to pray for t▓he favorable weather. 銆€銆€The young Tibetans of Tohlun▓g Dechen are having the fun game of using stones to hit c

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